Personal Philosophy

"Tarot is a psychological tool. It helps us tap into our subconscious. Through symbols and universal archetypes, we borrow the imagery of the tarot cards to help us unlock the parts of our minds that already contain the answers." - Benebell Wen

I don't believe in magic, but I do believe in synchronicity. I don't think you need to pay someone to interpret cards, nor even use physical ones. I don't even think you need to use cards at all (although I like to). Opening a book to a random page and reading the first sentence can be an interesting exercise, too! Whatever the universe/your subconscious wants to tell you, it will, by whatever means necessary; you need only listen.

If that all sounds too "woo-woo" for your tastes, you can also think of the cards as a proxy by which you may give yourself advice. We are often far harsher on ourselves than we would ever be to another. The cards let you combine your intimate knowledge of yourself and your problems, and your ability to give good, honest advice!

Alternatively, you can just click and look at the pretty pictures, that's fun too.

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How to read the cards

Draw one card:
Think of a question or problem you may be having and draw one card. If you feel the answer isn't clear enough or that you need more direction, feel free to ask another question and draw again. You can do this until you're satisfied.

Draw three cards:
A traditional "past present future" spread. I like to hold a specific question or concern in my mind as I draw the cards, but you don't have to. Remember that the future is not fixed! Depending on the reading, you may consider the present card like a conditional - if you do [present], then [future] may occur.