Digital Painting

10 Minutes to Better Painting - Marco Bucci
The title isn't a lie, these tips and tricks are essential!

Improve Your Art with Better Shadows
The importance of shadow shape design cannot be understated!

Digital Painting: Swordsman Concept Art
A timelapse of the legendary Ruan Jia's painting process.

Time-lapse: COMFY SHIRT
A timelapse of the Peter Polach's painting process.

Pixel Art

A collection of tutorials, palettes and gallery by and for pixel artists.

A gallery for pixel artists - some really inspiring work in there!

2D Will Never Die
A love-letter to the art of pixels. I particularly like the articles written in their blog.

Pixel Art Class
A series of video tutorials on creating various pixel-art assets. I enjoy the way he explains the logic behind his process.


An interview and timelapse of Shinichi Sakamoto illustrating two panels of Dracula.

Clay Sculpting

Sculpting for Beginners
12 tips for sculpting with air-dry clay!