My games

I've started many game projects over the years, but unfortunately the only completed ones were made with bitsy. They're a bit ambiguous, so I tried to leave tips on the parts I think most players would get stuck at. Don't expect too much, they're very basic!

Use the arrow keys to play!

You can move around and interact with/speak to objects.

Field of Nameless Knight

Unravel the mystery of the Nameless Knight so that he may pass on in peace.

When you get to the castle with the broken floor, look for a crack in the wall on the right. You need to pass through an invisible maze (just spam the arrow keys) to make it back through the crack beyond the broken floor.



Precursor to the Nameless Knight, explore a strange dream. This one is a bit rough, sorry.

Beware the mysterious figures! They will catch you if you get too close! You might be able to sneak past one who is napping...

Look for a crack in the wall to pass through. You can climb vines, stairs, and poles.

!!There is a bug!! If you climb the tower and onto the pedestal and open the eye, do not press down! Only up or else you'll get stuck!