Haibane Renmei

Yoshitoshi Abe's magnum opus. It's difficult to put into words what this title means to me. I don't want to spoil anything, so all I will say is that it is not what it seems. Please give it a try.

"Haibane Renmei isn't about an angel coming to terms with her new life, it's about the pain of letting her old one go" - Beyond Ghibli

Angel's Egg

Movie. A surreal and beautiful piece combining the efforts of Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) and Yoshitaka Amano (Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy). A meditation on the conflict between tradition and technology, perhaps? It's the type of piece you're free to draw your own conclusions from.

"In our era of “explainer” videos, it’s comforting that this movie with mystery as its focus paints a blunt demand for answers to be as fruitless as spears hurled at shadow-fish. They’re thrown by the city’s other inhabitants, otherwise ossified men coming to life in raging desperation to pin down an intangible. In their blind pursuit they miss the futility and physical destruction of their actions." - Danielle Burgos

Ghost in the Shell

Movie. "What is it that makes us human? Is it the soul? Or is it flesh and bone? What happens when your memories can be erased and replaced like music on your iPod? If your body is entirely mechanical, can you still call yourself human? If your consciousness is active, yet your body is nowhere to be found, do you still exist?" - Firestorm2117

Eureka 7

From the extraordinary Studio Bones, an original work which is dear to my heart. This review sums up the 50 episode spectacle:

"Eureka Seven is first and foremost a coming of age story, but more broadly it's about how everyone can and should adapt as their circumstances change. It's also about mecha on flying surfboards, the horrors of war, the power of love, fascism, counterculture, Gaia Theory, the importance of family no matter its form, how you shouldn't meet your heroes, some really out there sci fi worldbuilding, and finding your first love." - 09philj

Wolf's Rain

A Studio Bones' original work. It tells the story of a journey for salvation in a world which has already ended. Bursting with reference and allegory for those who care to look. The themes presented might be more relevant today than ever. Haunting, thoughtful, beautiful. The ending will stay with you.

There is no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing at all. No matter how far you walk, it's just the same road, it just goes on and on. But in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it?

Revolutionary Girl Utena

This might be the only anime to truly make me cry. Not tear up - I sobbed unabashedly. Even without a disambiguation of the themes and allegory, Utena's message struck something deep. I couldn't articulate why I was crying, I couldn't find the words to express the feelings that were pouring out of me. I still can't.


Very slow burn, and takes a bit to get started, but a fantastic thriller. One of the precious few titles that I could see working 1:1 as a real life adaptation. It's mature, in the best way.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I watched this a bit younger than I should have, but as a result this series informed my personal philosophy for years to come.

My personal hot take is that I prefer the ending of the original TV series over the movies - not in actuality (I do not condone tangification!), but as a narrative. Sometimes we realize the point after it's already too late, and I don't dislike an ending which addresses this. ...Congratulations!

Cowboy Bebop

It's on every list for a reason. It's a fun ride, with a bittersweet ending. Bang!

Serial Experiments Lain

Unusual piece which foretold the merging of the internet with reality. It can be a bit obtuse at times, but that makes it all the more fun to pick apart. I feel like the fanbase at large tends to miss the point, however...

Ergo Proxy

I really enjoyed this, despite its flaws. I guess I'm a sucker for pseudo-intellectual distopian sci-fi fantasies.

"This anime takes a wild ride exploring the ever famous reason for being through the relationship between creation and creator. The tables are turned from most other stories, though: here it is not the revolt of man against god, but rather god against man" - ProfessorViral

Paranoia Agent

Satoshi Kon - the legend responsible for Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika brings us yet another foray into the inner worlds of a cast of mentally disturbed individuals. Surreal, intriguing, fun.


Movie. Cited as the inspiration for Inception. Another hit by Satoshi Kon, Paprika is a colorful adventure into the realm of dreams.

Samurai Champloo

Sometimes it really is just about the journey, and the friends we made along the way.

Tatami Galaxy

Endearing, stylish, fun. Expect to be confused right up until the end, upon which every loose end will be tied up into the most magnificent bow. I hope you can read subtitles quickly.


A personal favorite, but difficult to recommend. .hack//SIGN is an anime about people who play videogames - particularly, MMORPGs in the early-mid 2000's. The world has changed, and this series might not be as poignant as it once was, but regardless, it holds a special place in my heart.