I like to make clothes for the virtual world "Second Life"!

Steps of the process include:

› gather references and sketch the design
› draft and sew the pattern in marvelous designer
› simulate the fabric (also in MD)
› retopologize and rig the model in blender
› texture the model in substance painter
› code the texture-change HUD (I give users the freedom to alter the colors on the different parts of the dress) in Second Life!

The SL engine converts quads into tris, so any tris you see are reinforcement lines to give the mesh a smoother appearance ingame. I don't know if this is proper for a professional environment, but it works for me!

Polygon count:
The models are also fairly high in polygon count for game assets - the market of SL doesn't seem to value optimization, so there isn't really incentive to keep it low. I do create medium and low versions of the meshes, though!

Due to the terrible lighting engine in-game, the textures have baked lighting.