no entries this month! i've been very busy.

- i fell down a peculiar rabbithole which resulted in the creation of a fansite for a ddr song from 2005 and the purchase of an obscure artbook in order to uncover the official lore which does not appear to exist on the western internet. more details in the future.

- had to travel for several social events, which in hindsight were quite enjoyable, but exhausting.

- got back into 2d art, and worked on an (as of yet uncompleted) fanart. i've found Naoki Saito's youtube channel quite inspiring. his tips are refreshing and helpful in a practical sense. i had burnt myself out on more traditional methods of study, but his critiques of user submitted artworks reignited my passion! unfortunately something more time sensitive stole my attention:

- i needed to complete two 3d dresses for ingame events in mid march! i'll update the site later so you can see them. i'm happy with the results and proud of how far i've come.

- adopted a cat! she is unbearably cute and demanding of nearly all my attention. some complicated feelings on the matter as i still terribly miss my dearly departed, but better to invest these emotions into one that can actually feel them i suppose.

- said cat had a potentially life threatening medical event - she's fine now!

- undertook additional obligations with two different friend groups; which, while important, tend to throw a wrench in my already poor time management endeavors.

there have been so many thoughts i've wanted to explore but i just haven't had the time. it turns out i really enjoy journaling! but i also really enjoy many other things. i have faith that so long as i keep taking steps, no matter how discordant, they will eventually lead someplace.