there are still a few pages to flesh out, but i feel i'm approaching a 'publishable' status!


as i mentioned in the article on ai, i did in fact use chatgpt to help me write the javascript function to swap themes! the issue ended up being something i would have never guessed, so i'm glad i gave it a shot.

what made it difficult was that i was trying to also change the css of an embedded html page (iframe), and testing it locally - which it turns out is impossible! (the testing locally part, not the swapping css within an iframe part). i don't really understand the technical details, but i needed to set up a local server or upload it here to get it to work.

anyways, i'm ecstatic it's functioning! the sakura theme is a bit blinding, but it's nice to have options i guess!


if you're not ashamed of past diary entries, then you haven't grown!

in all honesty they're not that bad. i even found a few unpublished entries in notepad files and decided to add them to the collection!

i've worked on the site quite a bit, actually. but i haven't yet published it to the world. here it sleeps on my local harddrive, waiting to be born.

i guess i'm a bit nervous regarding this iteration. i've decided to focus more on my own opinions and ideas! but with that comes the pain of judgement. it's a difficult line to tread. i want to collect these fragments of myself, but it's difficult to show them to others. i come across so confidently in the articles i write, but who is that?!


i'm not very good at this, am i?